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Refund and Replacement Policy

Non-Refundable Charges

For each test ordered, there is a $40 non-refundable fee which includes the $15 physician fee and a $25 administrative/shipping charge.


Orders canceled within 45 days of collection pack delivery that have not been returned to our lab will be eligible for a partial refund. Orders may be canceled online by selecting Cancel Order from your Genova Connect dashboard.

Refunds will not be issued for any other reasons, including but not limited to collection packs returned with partial submissions, specimen viability issues, or specimens received after the 45-day return deadline.

Your original payment, minus the $40 non-refundable fee, will be refunded to your credit or debit card.

Unused Collection Packs

Do not return unused collection packs to our lab. If you have a refunded collection pack in your possession, please recycle the paper products and dispose of the rest in a regular waste bin.

Expiration Dates & Return Deadline

Some collection packs contain materials that expire. Specimens must be received by our lab before the expiration date of any collection materials or within 45 days of collection pack delivery, whichever comes first. Collection packs or specimens received after this date may be discarded.

Replacement Collection Packs

If your test cannot be completed by our lab, you will be provided an opportunity to request a new collection pack free of charge and re-submit your specimens.

Any subsequent replacement collection packs requested for the same order will each incur a $40 charge.