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Shape the future of personalized medicine.

With Genova Connect, you can empower your community with advanced lab tests for better gut, nutritional, and hormonal health. Partner with us and inspire your community to take control of their well-being!

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What can Genova's lab testing reveal?

Nutritional Status

Genova's nutritional testing provides personalized recommendations for amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, digestive support, and other nutrients.

Gut Health

Testing provides information on inflammation, how well the body is digesting and absorbing food, and imbalances in yeast, parasites, and bacteria that are part of the gut microbiome.

Hormonal Health

Knowing hormones levels and how they relate to each other can open up a wide range of solutions - including nutritional therapies and lifestyle changes to create balance.

Join the Genova Affiliate Program

Whether you are interested in being an affiliate, a sponsored speaker, or a creative partner, the possibilities for working together to redefine the world of consumer healthcare are endless.

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Please note that testing is not available in NY, NJ, RI, or outside of the continental United States.
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