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Fatty acids play a major role in managing inflammation.

Nutritional Test - Fatty Acids

The Essential and Metabolic Fatty Acids Bloodspot is a simple and easy way to measure fats that increase or decrease inflammation - the root cause of most diseases - and affect overall health.

Simple changes to your diet can improve chronic struggles like aches and pains and skin rashes and protect your heart and brain. Working with your healthcare provider on correcting fatty acid imbalances can greatly improve long-term health risks.

  • Bloodspot Collection
  • Ages 2+
$205 + $15 Physician Fee HSA/FSA Eligible

*Testing is not available in NY, NJ, RI, or outside of the continental United States.

What's the connection with fat and inflammation?

Fats are in every cell of your body and they can either cause inflammation or help to stop it. Balance is key and remember, you are what you eat! 🍔 🐟 🍕

Inflammation disrupts cell function and can harm your overall health. If you eat the wrong types of fats for a long time, your cells can become damaged and send distress signals to your body. This can lead to conditions like obesity and diabetes.

How will this test help me?

Fatty acid testing results show imbalances that can be fixed with diet and/or supplements. Your results offer insight on:

Disease Risk

An imbalance of omega-3s and omega-6s can increase risk of heart disease. Even with a healthy diet, you may still be falling short.

Vitamin Needs

Lower levels of some omega-3s and omega-6s may show a need for B vitamins or minerals instead of more fat.


The presence of inflammation may indicate poor dietary choices, such as too much fast food or red meat.

Pain Relief

Reducing inflammation and improving nutrition may lead to a decrease in pain levels and a decreased reliance on pain medication.


Reducing stress on your cells caused by fatty acid imbalances can allow increased blood flow and boost your physical performance.

Metabolic Health

Making changes to your diet or supplements based on results can help stabilize insulin and create better blood sugar balance.

We're all about connections.

Especially when it comes to your health.

With Genova Connect, you'll not only have access to comprehensive testing, but also to a network of clinicians who can help you make sense of your results.

We know sometimes taking care of your health can feel like a guessing game, but we're here to help connect the dots for you. Are you ready to take the next step towards a happier, healthier you?


You'll complete this test entirely from home. We'll send you a device to prick your finger then you will collect droplets of blood on a special absorbant card. Don't worry, detailed instructions are included and it's relatively painless.

We provide results reports and links to educational resources. You may schedule time with a Cynergy provider to discuss your results for an additional cost, consult your own healthcare provider, or find a physician to help you understand your results and work with you to build a health plan.

It is your responsibility to ask your doctor what your test results mean. Genova Connect urges you to always share the test results with your doctor in order to make the best decisions for your health.

While our profiles are eligible for FSA/HSA funds, traditional health insurance can not be used to complete your purchase. Accepted forms of payment include Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.

Most result reports will be available 7-17 days after being received by our lab.

The $15 physician fee is collected on behalf of a third-party healthcare practitioner (Cynergy Wellness) that will provide independent physician oversight of lab ordering and testing. This fee makes it possible to order testing without having to schedule an appointment with your physician first.

The fee does not cover any physician follow-up services. The physician fee is non-refundable. Learn more about Cynergy Wellness' services by reviewing the Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy.

If possible, plan to complete your collection early in the work week and be sure to ship your pack within 24 hours of collection to ensure specimens are viable.

You should also note that some collection packs contain materials that expire (this date is printed on the box label). Plan to collect and return your pack well before that date or within 45 days of receiving the collection pack, whichever comes first. If the pack is not returned within this timeline, we may not be able to complete your test.

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