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Genova Connect
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and Optimal Health

Precision testing to build a better baseline and increase the body's potential.

What can Genova's lab testing reveal?

Nutritional Status

Genova's nutritional testing provides personalized recommendations for amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, digestive support, and other nutrients.

Gut Health

Testing provides information on inflammation, how well the body is digesting and absorbing food, and imbalances in yeast, parasites, and bacteria that are part of the gut microbiome.

Hormonal Health

Knowing hormones levels and how they relate to each other can open up a wide range of solutions - including nutritional therapies and lifestyle changes to create balance.

Lab Testing for Every Athlete

Understanding baseline health is the key to making adjustments that lead to optimal performance.

Whether you are a licensed physician working with elite clients or an individual biohacking your way to peak performance, Genova has testing options that can work for you.

Genova Diagnostics

Licensed providers use their myGDX account to order profiles for their patients.

Genova Connect

Individuals can shop online and collect specimens from the privacy of home.

GI Effects® GI Effects®
NutrEval® Metabolomix+
Hormonal Health™ and Male Hormonal Health™ One Day Hormone Check™
Comprehensive Melatonin
Adrenocortex Stress Profile Adrenocortex Stress Profile
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Finding the root cause of chronic issues.
actionable data

Taking Action on
Result Reports

Our rigorous testing analyzes biomarkers and combines results to highlight key focus areas for each individual.

Learn more about clinical interpretation from our renowned medical education team through webinars and videos available on-demand in our Learning Library.

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